Artistic project that reflects on the existence of human beings and their surroundings through a language of their own circus.

Diabolo Siteswap

Adaptação da Vanilla Siteswap para diabolo. Notação útil para encontrar uma maneira de descrever a maioria dos truques que fazemos com o diabolo.

Juggling Research

Uma plataforma para arquivar os teus truques e ideias de malabarismo, para facilitar a sua descoberta e organizá-los.

Hilo de Diabolo

The main objective of this project is to create an active and healthy community that shares their enthusiasm and enthusiasm about the diabolo.

Multimedia for Artists. Web pages and photography.


Festival that pretends to be a platform of creation, production, reception and diffusion of solo shows, conceived in the scope of the most diverse artistic approaches.


Juggling has been my way to reflect about the world that we live in, I love to express and share my thoughts on the stage, you can check my shows on

Keeping my brain active researching deeply in the juggling universe I find tricks and theories that you can see on my LABS

Design webs is another of my passions whitch I do professionally, I do my best to help other artists building their online visibility with Teresa Santos on

I’m part of Festival Internacional de Solos as circus programmer

You can follow on me instagram @didacgilabert