Services: Performances, Sound & Websites

Hey there, it’s Didac!

Immersed in the universe of live performance, I find myself captivated by every twist and turn, every beat and rhythm. With a background in juggling and a deep love for music, my time on earth is a vibrant mosaic of diverse experiences and boundless creativity. I’m exploring the nuances of a juggling art or musical composition, each moment imbued with dedication and respect for the artist’s vision.

What can we do together?

I firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration. It’s in joining forces with fellow performers, directors, and composers that true jugglers happens. If you’re on the lookout for a versatile and committed interpreter for your next project, look no further. I’m here, ready to dive into the creative process with you.

If you’re seeking a partner in bringing your artistic vision to life, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s embark on this journey together, and together, let’s create something truly extraordinary.

Let’s create something

What can I do for you?

As an independent artist, I understand the importance of presenting your artistic work online. My primary focus is on crafting websites that you can manage once they are designed—sites where you can curate your content and reflect your unique style and personality. Let us not overlook the fact that a website is a dynamic organism that requires careful curation.

I am passionate about sound design, finding joy in composing and designing landscapes for my own works. However, I also extend this passion to others, offering my skills to enhance their artistic creations and add another layer of depth and emotion to their works. If you require a custom soundtrack for a film, dance performance, or visual art installation, I am dedicated to creating audio experiences that bring an extra dimension to your projects.

Let us collaborate to to represent your art.

Some of my works