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Movement takes the center of troposfera.xyz, captivated by the motion of particles scattered throughout the universe a exploration begins, encompassing the grandeur of the world and the enchanting mysteries of both the macroscopic and microscopic realms. While exploring, we encounter wonderful individuals to share with, and it becomes evident that humanity is a fusion of […]

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Fase dispersa
Corpo, objeto e relação

Fase dispersa presents itself as an anthropological place: identity, historical and relational, or a place where one can confront oneself and meet the other. Part of the desire to follow a path and counteract dispersion. It is a last cry for life with all the strength that remains and an attempt to touch the untouchable. […]

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Um olhar ao desastre humano

Erms (from Catalan) are lands that were explored until they were left with nothing, barren deserts. Erms are also fields that are far from civilization, where life is generated spontaneously, independently of human will. In O Sal da Terra by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro, about photographer Sebastião Salgado, I was impressed by the amount […]

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